MG set to make a return to production.

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Chinese firm Nanjing Automotive is to bring MG production back to its home in Longbridge, Birmingham.

MG set to make a return to production.

A couple of years ago it was a surprise to many people and fans of the MG brand, when almost all of a sudden ceased trading and closed the factory gates at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham, England with the loss of around 6000 jobs.

A little while later a Chinese car maker Nanjing Automotive bought the MG-Rover plant and took on the plant on a 33 year lease, but since then the plant has remained closed and the MG brand has disappeared, however the Chinese company have decided to resurrect the MG sports car brand and start production at the old Longbridge plant, especially as they have a modern production line almost ready to go. This is exciting news for fans of MG and course the former workers.

It is also believed that there will also be some production of the new car in China too, the MG story is set to continue.

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