Mini at the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show

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Mini at the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show

The classic English automaker Mini had a plethora of Cooper s on display at the 2009 Miami Auto Show, in a setup that resembled a bag of Skittles, there was something to satisfy every new car buyer’s taste. Ranging from a gleaming white Camden model to a black rag top and a British Racing Green John Cooper Works complete with Union Jacks on the mirror covers; there was literally a Mini for every flavor. Mini also showed off a bit of their fun side reminiscing about a lighter side in America’s history filled with beach bums and go go girls with a pair of surfboards on top of a woodie wagon inspired Clubman .


the convertible mini cooper is the best model in this car show. They change a lot in the car making it appear like another car yet it’s the mini cooper.

The reason why Mini cars are that popular because IMO, it’s a future version of a Volkswagen Beetle. Maybe it’s my perception after all but as I can see a Mini cooper everyday when I’m driving all the way to the office, I remember those day when I’ve been driving my first car, a beetle car.

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