Mini Coupe JCW GP put on hold

Mini Coupe JCW GP

Back in April, our spy photographers captured the first spy shots of a prototype that looked like it would be the Mini Coupe JCW GP . Now, it looks like Mini has changed its mind and canceled their plans for a Coupe JCW GP. The model was supposed to be based on the R56 hatch GP and should have been lighter than the R56 hatch.

Mini cancelled its plans because it was concerned that a GP Coupe would have made the R56 GP less special and unique, and buyers would have lost interest in that model. Now they are going to go about picking their models a little more carefully - a new thing for Mini and their bazillion renditions of the Cooper - and a full line of GP track-ready high performance models is being reconsidered.

We find it hard to believe that Mini would got through all of that trouble, and money, to develop a car that they are just going to cancel right before it’s complete. Something else may be cooking in Mini’s kitchen and we’ll dig a little deeper to discover if it’s decadent dining or just plain slop.

Source: Motoringfile


The coupe is my much preferred than the hatch again. They should put it back on production. I believe that hatches need a break with the market and start with something new.

They are going to launch back the hatchbacks again right?

They put the coupe on hold for what, for the return and revival of the hatchbacks that almost every house have on their garage?

What? I don’t quite get it. Perhaps this car is not meant for us. I guess they might push the hatches back on the field.

Why did they put this on hold? I think a coupe is much better than the hatch. I feel sad about this.

They must go with the original plan. I hope there were no reservations made before the cancellation. If it has, they should give it back as a refund.

Oh it looked like a strawberry fruit because of its color, but the exterior design of this car makes it more appealing.

You must focus on the color and the exterior design. It needs more enhancement on those categories.

I thought they were going to produce the hatch before the year ends. What happened on this project?

If they put on hold, the coupe, does it mean they are focusing on the hatch again?

Mini Coupe is on hold, and yet they are planning another concept for production?

What’s their cooking for us? It seems interesting.

The cancellations are just right. In fact, they need to focus more on the specifications and numbers on their Coupe.

I wish it wouldn’t flop on that kind of sudden changes and abortion of the production.

Could they make it up from last-minute changes? I hope they are ready to have their upcoming released by spring of 2013.

I don’t think they have made it less special and unique. There must be reasons on these sudden changes.

I don’t like the design of this car, and the buyers may lose interest in that car.

It could be a better project if they stick with the coupe. What could be the possible reason on not pushing the coupe as their next model?

It could be a better project if they stick with the coupe. What could be the possible reason on not pushing the coupe as their next model?

Whatever their plan was about; I’m still looking forward to their better Mini, though I’m hoping that they will release the fruit of their efforts.

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