MINI Folding Bike

What’s the deal with all these automakers each coming out with their own set of new bicycles? In the last two months, we’ve seen something new from Audi , McLaren , Range Rover , and Maserati , none of which can be described as anything close to being a four-wheeled vehicle. Bicycles. That’s been the ‘in’ thing these days, and lo and behold, another brand has decided to jump on the bandwagon with the launch of their new – and collapsible – bicycle.

The irony of the bicycle’s uninspiring name given by a brand that’s usually the most creative of the lot isn’t lost on us. But nonetheless, here it is: the MINI Folding Bike. The bicycle is built around a lightweight aluminum frame that can be folded in mere seconds to be stowed inside the car’s trunk – preferably a MINI, we suppose. In addition to the frame, the bicycle’s crossbar, handlebars, and pedals also fold up while the gel seat retracts to save up even more space for when the bicycle is ready to be stored in the trunk. To add to the convenience of it all, the bike only weighs around 11 kilos, which is somewhere around 24 lbs, making it extremely lightweight even relative to the other new bikes we’ve seen in recent months. And to top it off, the MINI Folding Bike also comes with eight gears, a pair of 20-inch wheels with mud guards, an under-seat pouch, and a Teflon-coated chain.

We’ve seen some nicer looking bicycles, particularly the Audi Duo. But in terms of overall style, performance, and ease-of-use, this MINI Folding Bike is one that’s definitely right up our alley.


Amazing folding bike! It’s very convenient and space saver when it will be stored on the trunk. It’s extremely lightweight weighing only around 11 kilos.

A folding bike? Amazing, I didn’t know that a folding bike was really existing and sorry to say Hendry Alfonso but I have to disagree on what you said that the car here in TopSpeed is not really the best.

Oh no! Mini really can’t offer us a newer look of their car! So why they are trying to offer a thing that we doesn’t even needed!

I have seen a lot of car bikes here at TopSpeed and I would say that its not the best. Actually, among them this one look so ordinary. And I can’t believe that Mini is following the trend nowadays.

I think because its the new trend in different countries, I mean using a bicycle for short distances instead of using a car that needs fuel, plus more and more are engaging into sport activities such as riding a bike.

I really like the fact that the bike is foldable. This one will certainly make this one even more user friendly. Would agree that it fits the Mini really well.

I have a funny thought that those bikes was made for emergency like when the car stuck up on the road or fuel problem and seek for the nearest help!

I agree with you James. A folded bike is unique compare to other car manufacturer that made the same concept. However, I’m still against this kind of thing. I mean..Hello! this is a car section!

As expected, another car maker releases its own bike. But this is probably one of the most interesting that I have seen thus far. Really suits the Mini all that well.

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