Mini racing school for mother in laws

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Just because it’s the English automaker ’s 50th birthday and because we like to point out our friends we decided to bring you this very interesting look on a different kind of racing school. Fellow Southern Automotive Media Association Member and professional racecar driver Bill Adam was on hand to teach a group of the Card and Driver editorial staff’s in-laws in a group of Mini Clubman Sports . Now teaching a group of grannies about the finer points of turning in and hitting the apex is a challenge in and of itself. This is especially true when you consider that the pupils come from a group that is better known for causing traffic than avoiding it. But the elderly women did surprisingly well, and at the same time gained a little bit of appreciation for what their son-in-laws do for a living. Thanks to the trio of talented instructors, they went from a group of nervous Nancys to real racing pros, by the end of the day they were even popping bottles like Rubens did this past Sunday at the European Grand Prix.


Well, I’m not shocked at all for I have heard a news about a grandmother that accelerate her car up to the maximum speed limit of car in that area. IMO, I think they should make a event for this race.

This teaching school for parent sounds new to me. And I think its kind of unique at least they give chance to old women that still want to race.

Wow! That’s vintage and unique ! haha I can’t stop laughing. It’s a brilliant idea for our mother in laws to get a race sometimes... Let’s just treat this as their exercise.

This is such a good start for all mothers who would love to learn driving. Though, this one is not the kind of driving they wanted to learn. Go mommies, I heart all of you!

Good luck..moms..smiley

That’s pretty amazing even women in their quarter age are given a chance to learn on how to drive.

Wow, that seems like a good mother’s day gift. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a drifting school for them too? I mean just how cool would it be to see a 50 to 60 year old mother/grand mother drifting in the mountains or in the tract? It will be awesome.

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