MINI Sets Out for the North Pole to Attempt Unique World Record

With so many auto records going by the wayside these days, you have to give credit to MINI for thinking out of the box - as usual - on their latest record attempt.

The German automaker recently announced their plans to go to the Arctic Circle to play messenger and deliver the longest Christmas list for - you guessed it - Santa Claus.

The record attempt is so big that it will involve a number of global MINI markets, including the US, Germany, Italy, the UK, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and even Singapore.

What this entails is that a convoy of MINI vehicles will leave BMW Group Headquarters on November 24 and will make the 1,864-mile travel to Rovaniemi, Finland in the Arctic Circle.

Upon arrival, the convoy of MINIs will be greeted by 1967 Monte Carlo Rally winner Rauno Aaitonen, who will then proceed to show off his unique rally skills by what MINI describes as a demonstration of his "unequaled talent behind the wheel of a new MINI Paceman ."

There’s no telling if Santa Claus and his merry band of elves will actually receive the Christmas wish list - we’re not holding out hope on that one - but this record attempt does paint a picture as to how MINI thinks of the upcoming holiday season. Give them credit because, if for nothing else, they’re already in the Christmas spirit despite the season still being a month away.


stock or tuned up, this is a good way to advertise the car!

toyota once lined up a stock land cruiser with better tires at the start like of the paris-dakar rally and finished it. who knows, maybe mini will do the same.

everyone said, and i think that they are right: mini will not take the stock car!!!!

i think this convoy of minis will do better than a x5 bmw convoy smiley

ready or not, it is an effort that must be applauded.

midocar and snow are right. after all, it was not a challenge, mini said they will do it. so if they said they will do that, they might as well get prepared for it.

1. i think they have roads up there.
2. mini will prepare the cars for the journey so that they won’t fail.

i think snow is right. after all, he should know something about the north pole, right? smiley

if they announced they will do it, i guess they will prepare the cars for the job.

top gear went to the north pole in a heavily modified toyota hylux if i remember well. will they pull it in the minis?

i have to give credit to bmw for that way of advertising their new car!

wow! that truly is thinking outside the box!

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