Mitsubishi AMS Drag EVO breaks speed record then catches fire

We haven’t heard a whole lot from Mitsubishi these days so imagine how excited we were when we found out that a Mitsubishi AMS Drag EVO VIII caught everyone’s attention at The Texas Mile after it broke the world record for a standing mile on a four cylinder with a top speed of 228 miles per hour.

While the record itself was an achievement in its own right, it still got overshadowed by the events that transpired as soon as the car crossed the timing traps. Watch this video and you’ll notice at around the 1:22 mark that smoke starts coming out of the car only as a small preview to the flames that literally start coming out from under the hood. Driver Eric Jones vainly tried to activate the fire suppression system, but when he realized that it would be for naught, decided on a better course of action by jumping out of the car.

Overall, the AMS team had quite an eventful time at The Texas Mile and if it wasn’t for the Evo-catching-fire-after-breaking-world-record episode, the boys from AMS would have had a weekend to remember. Although, I think it was a weekend to remember anyway.

Source: AMS


Well, its hard to speculate on what’s really happen since the video was removed already. However, I’m glad that Mitsubishi Evo breaks a speed record, tough car I would say but not so lucky..

Where’s the video? Hmm. It’s a good thing that he breaks a speed record but its just sad that he was caught in fire. I just wonder if the engine over heat?

Has anyone tried to buy a car for warranty work? Any dealer will try to find a lame reason to deny your warranty claim, especially when your car is expensive!

On a car like an evo with the engine under high loads, you betcha they’ll try everything under the sun not to cover it.

The shootout is a private competition for land speed record (LSR) vehicles in which five cars and five motorcycles will have the opportunity to set new speed records for wheel-driven vehicles.

Most probably that would be the cause!

That was cool! I think the engine can’t no longer able to handle the speed, that’s why it was burned.

IMO, the engine receives to much heat due to the friction of the pistons, and maybe the fuel line leaked towards the engine, that;s what might cause the fire.

Well that was a bad news from AMS. The effort they’ve spent is lost in an instant.

Pretty impressive. I mean the new version of the Lamborghini Murcielago is said to be having a top speed of 225 miles per hour and this Evo reaches 228, not bad at all. Well, it’s not bad until it catches fire. At least the driver is ok and it was able to set a record before it turns to ashes.

All the money, time, and effort does paid off even though the evo got burned & still they break the record of other evo.

It seems to me that the high-octane fuel plus the heat of the engine causes the fire to start.

What the hell happened here? AMS is really mad about EVO, I can’t belive that a V4 engine can be tuned to reach a 223MPH just like the speed of Ferrari Enzo.

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