Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X N-Spec by Ings

Ings, the Japanese tuner, revealed new images of the Lancer Evolution X N-Spec car. It gets a new front bumper with new canards, brake ducts, and intercooler shrouds. It also features a Z-Power adjustable carbon rear wing. This is more than just vanity, but a body kit built for functionality.

There are no featured performance upgrades in this package, but Ings already offers other suspension, exhaust and braking modifications for the Evo X. We have no information yet on pricing, but if anything interesting comes up we’ll pass it along.


It looks really good for me. The design and color fits really well.

Interesting additional functions for the body kit. It is a very cool tuned car and I hope that they will show some pictures for it’s interior as well. It is one of the things that I am looking at in tuned cars.

i really like the way he set his EVO, specially the front bumpers. specially the decal Stipes,

cool front bumpers, it makes the Evo more aggressive and scary to race with in the streets

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