Mitsubishi Shows off the EVO MR Touring at the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show

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Mitsubishi brought their wingless wonder, the Lancer Evolution MR Touring to the Miami Auto show. This more discreet EVO X is a more upscale trend then we are used to from the Japanese budget super car maker, traditionally they would offer stripped down lightweight versions, where the large box shaped aerofoil is ditched for weight reduction reasons along with a radio and sound deadening. However as the Playstation generation grows up and gets jobs, heavily bolstered leather wrapped Recaro racing buckets await the driver as well as Mitsubishi’s new SST six speed sequential manual gearbox to go along with a more reserved EVO that can now hopefully fly under the radar, that is the blingtastic mirror covers don’t set off any alarms.


Rally inspired car, Evo is one of the best sport car available on the market. well STI should be jealous of the new evo.

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