Mitsubishi teases new global product before Geneva debut

It doesn’t take long after the Detroit Motor Show closes its doors before automakers start dishing out details on their lineup for the Geneva Motor Show. Mitsubishi is ready to jump into the kitchen with the first teaser image for a new global product set to be unveiled in March. This project takes another step towards the company’s "Jump 2013" business plan for a greener and more global Mitsubishi.

The yet-to-named concept features a re-focused design language that will be used for all the future models and has been designed as "an open design concept, meant to be flexible enough to suit specific vehicle requirements whilst staging Mitsubishi’s famous Three Diamond logo accordingly."

No other details have been provided yet, but Mitsubishi did confirm that the concept will feature a new 4N1 Clean Diesel engine and Green Plastics, as well as benefit from the innovative PHEV technologies.

More details about this new global product will be revealed in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!


Its engine is very aggressive. The exterior pretty much gave away its fierce performance capability anyway because of its tiger-like fascia.

It’s a must-see model for this year. The front bumper is very aggressive and stylish at the same time. I’m sure many buyers would wait for the released of this model.

What a mysterious design due to it’s black body paint. I’m sure this is another best selling model manufactured by Mitsubishi.

What a teaser. The car must be beautiful. It’s mysterious. I want to wait for furthermore revelations.

The teaser picture is not enough to tease me. The bumper and hood doesn’t give me satisfactory, but maybe the whole exterior will be the best. Interior is much better.

Mitsubishi doesn’t have to provide a teaser, for majority of people search for these companies first. But the frontal exposure of this car doesn’t look like a teaser—except for the head lights. Wish it will be worth waiting.

What a teaser! Many of us will be looking forward to know more about this concept car from Mitsubishi. But I have to admit that I am not that impressed on its front’s design.

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