Mitsuoka releases next-generation Viewt

After what seemed like ages, Japanese car maker Mitsuoka is finally releasing its next-generation Viewt. Now, if you’re wondering who or what Mitsuoka is, they’re a local car brand from Japan that caters only to the Japanese market. What’s unique about Mitsuoka is the fact that they build modern cars that resemble those old-time British automobiles from the 50s and the 60s.

As you can plainly see with the new Viewt, Mitsuoka is continuing on that legacy. Underneath the vintage-looking exterior is actually a production-made Nissan Nissan Micra so you can be sure that while the look is vintage, the performance is not. Mitsuoka did alter a few of the design elements of the car like the integration of the front bumpers to the front end panels.

It’s been a while since we last saw Mitsuoka grace our presence with a car so the release of the new Viewt came at just the right time.

Source: Mitsuoka


Seriously? You think people bailed on Tokyo to boycott little bitty Mitsuoka? The Vewt’s been out for awhile with the same basic body as this one.

I for one love it, the Viewt looks like a Jag that’s been left in the dryer too long and it actually starts? Wow, what a concept!

A Japanese carmaker that produces 50’s era BRITISH cars? Why Japan WHY????????? And then we wonder why everyone bailed out of the Tokyo Motor Show.

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