More details on Bentley's Victoria

Last month we saw a preview video of Bentley’s biofuel supercar that was codenamed Victoria. Now a few more details emerge before its premiere at the Geneva Auto Show.

The car has been promised to be the “fastest, most powerful car ever”, and that means the engine will have to beat the Continental GT Speed ’s 600 hp W12. Now Victoria’s power has been pegged to 630 hp coming from the Continental-based biturbo W12 engine. Bioethanol will likely be the green fuel source of choice to propel this car to 60 in four seconds.

The Bentley will also be on a strict diet. Many heavy parts have been rumored to have been replaced with lightweight composite materials such as carbon fiber. Other unnecessary items, like back seats, will likely not appear on the car.

We’ll probably have to wait until next month’s Geneva Auto Show for full details, and also to find out if the Victoria names sticks.


thats great
im looking forward to this auto show even when the economy is in a depressing state.

The TopSpeed team will be on the floor in Geneva, so we’ll have plenty of updates and info from the show.

oh ok no worries
i am just wondering if this site will be giving updates as the geneva auto show goes along?

I understand that, that’s why the clarification was made.

reread the second paragraph, first sentence

It’s the company’s fastest, most powerful car ever.

i quote
The car has been promised to be the “fastest, most powerful car ever”
bentley beating out shelby supercars, bugatti, koenigsegg, and pagani?
seems unreal..

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