More details on the future Audi RS3

Yesterday we confirmed that the Audi RS3 would be making its world debut at the Paris Auto Show at the end of this month. Today we’re ready with more details surrounding the future sports hatchback.

The Audi RS3 will only be offered in a five-door version with prices anticipated to be between £38,000 -£40,000. It will be powered by the same 2.5 liter, 5-cylinder turbocharged engine that is found in the TT-RS , but with the output increased by 10 HP (going up to 350 HP). The engine will be mated to a new 7-speed S-trinic gearbox (PQ500 unit) as an option (also available on TT RS for ordering now).

And since everyone is obsessed with weight these days - have you seen the crazy crash diets out there?! - Audi has fitted the hatchback with aluminum panels, suspension parts, and special lightweight sport seats to trim the some fat.

As if this information wasn’t enough to sate your appetite for RS3 knowledge, we also have news that Audi will only build 2,700 units of the RS3, one for each BMW 1-Series M Coupe built. Talk about competition. We would have opted for 2,701 units, just to be one ahead.

As a reminder, Audi will also be bringing a concept version for the future Q3 SUV to the Paris Auto Show .


I’m getting really, really tired of seeing cool, desirable cars that won’t be brought over here.

Therefore, it’s true that it would be revealed in Paris. Then when would be?

Sure they will, it’ll be the mkvii r. But hey if u think there’s thousands of Audi nuts who want to spend 50k today and not 30k two years from now start a petition.

I’m still wondering what the new 2012 model is going to look like since it’s about to be released in a few months.

The checks already written, Audi just needs to release a few of these stateside so i can get my hands on one. Oolong Grey Metallic with Alabaster White or Velvet Beige interior and I’m totally sold.

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