More details on the future Honda S2000

After Honda announced that the S2000 small roadster would be dropped, rumors started to circulate abouta successor for it . Today the British magazine AutoCar is offering new details on the future generation S2000. It will be a mid-engined, rear-drive model, most likely featuring a hybrid powertrain. The car will make its official debut in 2014.

The new S2000 will be based on a modified version of the Jazz platform. Rumors of the new S2000 being a hybrid model started because of Honda’s design chief, Nobuki Ebisawa who apparently sparked their curiousity about future hybrid models when he began talking about the new CR-Z : "That car is only one shape of Honda’s hybrid sports cars in the current age." So it is expected that the new S2000 will feature a larger petrol engine than the CR-Z’s unit combined with an electric motor. Featuring an aluminum construction, the new S2000 will be capable of sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in only 6 seconds.

Source: Autocar


I am not really impressed with an electric cars, seems not so reliable on a road but with this one, I would love to drool it around!

Electric vehicles are not really impressive for the fact that they are too hassled to use, especially when you are in a hurry. However, I must say that I admire its lovely appearance! 

Me either, I’m not fond or impressed with those electric car but I must say that I really love this one despite the fact that this is one of those electric cars nowadays.

I am not really impressed with an electric cars, seems not so reliable on a road but with this one, I would love to drool it around!

Same thing here. The design of the car is kind of clean and decent. However, I doubt the performance of the electric motor.. And I bet the car will be in the price tag since its hybrid.

for a hybrid version, the styling of the car is kind of impressive! Well, no wonder since it was based from the awesome Honda Jazz. However, I doubt the reliability of its electric motor.

The concept is quite pretty. I must congratulate Honda for having a concept like this. 2014 is a long wait for us, but I think it is worth waiting for. I’m also excited with the road test drive, when it will happen? 

The awesomeness of the roadster that combines with the compact version seems perfect to me! However, I wonder why the sprint of this car seems slower though its a smaller version?

I like the concept of the compact roadster it look so sporty just like a Audi car! However, I wonder if this car was in the line up for future production? I hope to read more details about this car!

S2000 is sexy, and i can almost compare it to a sexy back model.

for sure it’s drivetrain is still RW.. beside the s2000 is competing the RX8 in drifting..

cool, it looks more aggressive than the Mazda Miata 5. but imo Miata has a better performance than the s2000.

it looks almost the same as the CR-Z that has taken of the roof.

This was always a crap "sports" car. It never really earned the name sports car. 0-60 in 6 seconds? Maybe it will be able to hang with a Cobalt SS now.

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