More Holdens May Come Stateside, as GM Renews "El Camino" and "Nomad" Trademarks

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Holden Thunder Ute

Chevy fans who would wish to buy the Holden Commodore Ute with a Chevrolet Bowtie badge are in for a good surprise.

Via a little snooping by GM Authority, it has dug up that GM has renewed the "El Camino" and "Nomad" trademark for future branding. These names were last used in 1987 and 1972 respectively, where they served great for people looking for a robust, V-8 powered utility vehicle. With GM fighting with everything it has to keep it and Holden’s heads above water, it is no surprise that bringing back these two icons back to America, even if they are simply a case of swapping badges.

With Chevy teasing the anticipated Chevrolet SS, it doesn’t hurt assuming that Chevrolet will import the Commodore Ute and Commodore Sportwagon as its modern versions of its Chevy El Camino SS and Nomad SS. This makes even more sense since we are all but assured that the Chevrolet SS is nothing more than a badge-doctored Holden Commodore.

A spokesman for Holden in Australia said that the automaker has not taken a decision on further exports, but the free trade agreement between Australia and the U.S. has been renewed. With all the legal processes almost completed, Chevy may decide to announce the two. So, fingers crossed!

Keep in mind, however, GM teased us before with the Pontiac G8 Sport Truck concept, which was a Holden Commodore Ute in Pontiac garb. So this whole thing could mean absolutely nothing…

With the launch of the C7 Corvette and SS, and now the slim possibility of the El Camino and Nomad coming back, the future is starting to brighten up for Chevy. Hope that reflects in the sales figures as well.

Source: GM Authority


these will be muscle cars for the masses. and that kind of cars always sold well!

any car is great if there is a public for it, and i think these cars have quite an audience!

since they revive old cars that had v8 engines, i think that the v8 part will still be there.

if they will keep the V8 part, these cars will sure sell.

if it brings sales up, it achieved it’s purpose!

i think that is more of a marketing move. we will see if it is for the better or for the worse.

i think you are right. there are lots of people who would like to drive the new version of the car their grandpa was telling them about!

i think the revival of those cars might ring some bells for some nostalgic people. and that might be nice.

i think the head lights look very much like the ones on opel astra classic II. and that is 2002 old.

it is like vauxhall and opel over in UK and Europe. same cars, different badge.

GM is a big car company. that gives it the possibility of doing such swaps. and that is not bad.

if those two cars will ensure chevy’s survival, so be it!

although i do not like the car in the picture very much, there might people who will like it. it is all about taste!

it would be great to bring up those two classic names back!

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