Move over MyTouch meet the Truckputer

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The Blue Oval recently introduced their next generation MyFord Touch driver connect technology that blends Ford’s signature in car infotainment features into a seamless cohesive electronic experience that features intuitive controls, voice activation and interface personalization. The next generation SYNC system is centered around an eight inch touch screen mounted in the center stack that works in conjunction with additional LCD displays in the instrument cluster that works with Ford’s innovative new five way button controls on the steering wheel and simplified by voice commands. However with the way that wireless technology is advancing with items like the iPad , we got to thinking, why don’t manufacturers offer docking stations for laptops and other computer based systems, much like you would find inside of a police car.

So when a former Motorola engineer and good friend of ours decided to make his F-150 a bit more high tech by installing what he calls the Truckputer inside his Supercrew , it really caught our attention. So while MyTouch allows you to do all those cool things that Ford’s engineers deemed appropriate, the advantages of running an open source system like this Linux based unit include the ability to burn DVDs, listen to the HD radio, watch movies, surf the internet with WiFi, look up directions with GPS based navigation, make hands free calls with Bluetooth connectivity and voice commands thanks to the built in microphone. Although it won’t let you do smoky burnouts more easily, at least not yet, the beauty of a system like this is its infinite capabilities. So if a PC can do it, so can the Truckputer; but hey at least the MyTouch screen is an inch bigger.

Truckputer Specs after the jump.

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Truckputer Specs:

Move over MyTouch meet the Truckputer

Mobo Intel D945GCLF2D



Screen Lilliput 629GL

Chassis Shocknet Aluminum Chassis

Kit Metra 95-5812

Bezel Bybyte 629-701

HD Torqx 2.5" 64GB SSD

DVD LG GP08 DVD writer

GPS BU-353

WiFi Belkin N F5D8053

BT USB Dongle

MIC Andrea Superbeam

Move over MyTouch meet the Truckputer


Well good thing no accident or anyone injured during the event.

that was an amazing burnout, good thing that a tire can hold that kind of friction and didn’t blow easily.

i don’t think it can steer for you but it would let you surf the web or anything else you can do at home with your PC

I really wonder what can the “voice activation” feature activate. Can it like do “open doors” or “turn left”. Lol. Well, don’t blame me, I haven’t heard of such truck yet with that kind of technology. I think the only car that I know of that has a feature that you can talk to the car is the 2010 or 2011 Honda Civic or City. Can’t remember it as I only saw it in fifth gear.

I love those set of wheels, it will surely fit with Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero Sports.

The over sized armrest makes for the perfect mouse pad

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