MP4-12C gets a new nose from McLaren Special Operations

The Windsor Castle Concours d’Elegance is an event sponsored by Bentley that no one really pays much attention to. In fact, it just took place on September 7th-9th and there wasn’t that much buzz about it at all. That being said, it looks like the show brought together some of the most impressive supercars currently available on the market.

One of these supercars is a McLaren MP4-12C , but it was no standard McLaren. This was a "special" MP4-12C that received a nose job from McLaren ’s Special Operations division. Apparently, a number of clients were asking for more aggressive styling and so the company decided to give them what they were asking for.

The new nose was inspired by the exclusive High Sport version and includes a new color-coded front bumper made of carbon fiber with a carbon-Kevlar lower lip. McLaren also added revised vents and aerodynamic elements to replace the tire spoilers on the stock unit.

These new elements can either be ordered from the factory or installed on the already existing models upon the customer’s request. Price? Hasn’t even been announced yet.

Source: CarBuzz


Ahhg!! I haven’t seen the previous nose of this car! I don’t know if it’s good or not.

I think this will cost a lot because they change the nose of it.

Some says that the previous nose is much better and I think I will disagree with that.

I thought this car doesn’t need nose lift but when I saw the nose lift they made I thought it is not a bad idea.

Nose job actually a good thing for this car. Really did a good job on revising the nose.

That nose is now really cool unlike the previous one.

Great surgery ! The noselift is very appropriate for the car.

Great Idea. I was thinking that there is something wrong with the front fascia and it was actually the nose!

I like the new changes on this McLaren, it seems that they have a new bumper on its exterior.

I think that they should have Face Lift instead of nose lift.

I really love the idea of having a nose lift. It really makes the car more attractable and cool.

Uhmm. For me, I think I will disagree. I really love the old nose of this car than the new nose.

Why not change the whole front fascia and other gears?

Does the old nose of this car really bad? I wonder why they changed it.

Can someone show me the old nose picture of this car so I can tell if they did a good job on it or not.

McLaren really did a good job in changing the nose of this vehicle. Though it’s just only a nose, you can see a big difference now compare to the first model.

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