MTM Porsche Cayenne

MTM Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a very successful vehicle for the German sports car builder, and over in Europe the turbo diesel V6 powered version is even more of a hit. So when the aftermarket tuners at MTM decided to further improve their product selection for the Porsche SUV and it only made sense to develop a performance package for the alternatively fueled sports truck.

MTM Porsche Cayenne

The upgraded power package for the diesel version of the Porsche Cayenne is based around a reprogrammed Engine Control Unit that optimizes air, fuel and boost to get the most out of the six piston pumper. By nature, diesel powered engines do not crate a lot of horse power, however whatever they lack in work force they make up for in torque. So this newly tuned Cayenne is now capable of producing a maximum output of 300 HP from the 3.0 Liter turbo diesel V6 and peak of 442 lb-ft of torque.

MTM is also offering an F-Cantronic system designed to electronically control the suspension, bringing the body up to 45 mm closer to the 21 inch signature Bimoto wheels.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

MTM Porsche Cayenne

That MTM also ensures new performance levels for the Porsche models was up to now only known by a small number of insiders. These well-informed persons already reported about the advantages of performance improvment by MTM. With the presentation of the Cayenne V6 3.0 diesel, whose power train arises from the Audi Audi product range, MTM came out as a Porsche tuner. Up to 300 hp (221kW) were measured after the modification of the ECU, 285 hp (210kW) with the M-Cantronic of MTM.

Speed torque in each case is about 600 Nm, in series we have 550 Nm with 240 hp (176kW). Faster acceleration and a higher final velocity as well as considerable improved driving dynamics in the complete performance range of the Cayenne with 2.3 tons are the result.

However MTM will not only concentrate on the modification of the ECU. With the MTM F-Cantronic the suspensions of the Cayenne will be newly adjusted.

The small sized additional control unit lowers the car body up to 45 mm on the front axle and also on the rear axle. In combination with the MTM 21” rims in the classic BIMOTO Design (10,5 x 21”, ET 52, LK 5 x 130, diamond cut) the Porsche Cayenne presents itself as a individualist and as a restrained sports car in equal measure.

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