Mugen offers a more affordable Civic RR.

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Think car tuning parts are expensive? Turns out the pictures of tuner parts are too. Although this print is a large 23 by 33 inches, it commands an asking price of 39,900 Yen (about $405). Very un-Mugen-like, (Mugen means unlimited in Japanese) the company will only be offering this limited edition print until the end of this month.


The way I see it, Honda just wanted to drop of and sell evey unit to make way for the new models.

well that’s a good news from Honda’s in house tuner MUGEN. is it available to all countries? of just in asia?

Honda and Toyota are really competing in creating fast sports car. Honda is competing their Civic to Toyota’s Corolla SR.

that was a good news from honda MUGEN, i really want to get my hands on this baby and park it on my garage, it would be my second car, and my next on my list is the MazdaSpeed3... dang....

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