Mugen tuned the new Honda Odyssey

Even if just launched on the Japanese market, Mugen already put their hands on the new2009 Odissey and made it look a bit more attractive.

Two kits are available, one for the Absolute Odyssey and the other for the standard version (M, L, Li). These kits include an Aero front bumper and side and rear spoilers. Also included are an exhaust, brake pads, aluminum wheels, and interior sports mats.

Expect a selling price of 2000€ for both versions of this high-end package.

Source: Nihon Car


cool wagon, more aggressive and sporty looking wagon, specially it was tuned by MUGEN. I wonder why mugen put their money to customize a family wagon like this, well i guess they put it because of the brand name. we all know that HONDA is specialize in sports cars.

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