Mysterious Sports Car Crashes In Germany.

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Car test in Germany ends in crash.

Mysterious Sports Car Crashes In Germany.

The autobahn in Germany, straight, long and with no speed limit, yes that is what I said, no speed limit, perhaps this is one of the reasons why many cars get tested there and how so many spy shots are produced, after all you would only need to sit on the bank and something is bound to come thrashing down the fast lane sooner or later.

It should come as no surprise that there was a serious crash, a sports car racing down the fast lane when the driver lost control of the car and hit the central reservation crash barrier which put it into a spin, the car finally came to stop and remarkably the driver was un-injured.

The wreckage displayed out there for all to see, was subjected to many photo’s by passing car, yet no one really knew exactly what the car was, from the back it looked like a Porsche and from the front it look like a S-Type Jaguar, the rumour mill begun to churn.

I have it on good authority that the car was a Wiesmann GT prototype, see picture, the damage is estimated at around $250,000 plus another $20,000 for the two cars that hit the wreckage.


Eh where are the pics?

The are a lot of "Autobahn"-Parts which have speed-limits to 120km/h or 100 km/h....

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