NADA Guide gives us a glimpse of 2011 Challenger pricing

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Although Chrysler hasn’t officially released the new 2011 Dodge Challenger pricing, we can bet that the NADA Guide site is an accurate estimate. You can build your very own Challenger with various options and they even include pricing. It appears to be fairly legit too.

What makes this so interesting is if these numbers are true, then prices have gone up substantially. A base 2010 Challenger SE with the 3.6-liter V6 is around $23,695, while the 2011 model is $2,310 more, at $26,055. The Coupe R/T jumps by $1,910 to $33,520. The top of the line SRT-8, which is the one you should have, is $1,921 more, at $45,601. A steep price to pay for that sweet motor.

When it comes to paint colors, Dodge has a whole buffet of them. You can mix and match all you want, depending on the model you choose. There is Redline 3 Pearl, Green With Envy, Billet Metallic, and so on.

We look forward to getting a go in one of the last muscle cars on the planet with a much improved dashboard and a 6.4-liter HEMI.

Source: NADA Guide



I am absolutely going to choose a fuel efficient one rather than getting something that will make me go crazy to pay my gas bills. How about you? What do you think of the comments of other users in the forum?

I like the Challenger, but why would anyone buy it when you can get a Mustang or Camaro for MUCH cheaper and the only Challenger that can even come close is over 45K base.

tuner Mustangs, very nice. What else we can do to that American muscle but to tune?

This looks so impressive and really knowing about prices is good thing.I came to know that Dodge will change it’s badge because of the new Ram trucks division using it.

IMO, i would rather buy a Mustang with 48MPG.. today it’s wiser to use a fuel efficient car than a gas guzler one.

I’m actually looking foward to this car, if only because it suggests Honda is moving towards more commonality between its North American products and its Euro/JDM ones.

like its design with clean lines compared with some derivative, busy look from Toyota. BTW, est. EPA 19/28 is even better than Sienna with I4. Oh, looks like Honda has a clear winner on hand.

yes, the standard edition has the same price of the EVO.

I would rather buy a Mitsubishi Evolution than having a standard version of a challenger

well, I would rather choose the Mustang with 48MPG than this. with this kind of engine, there is no doubt that this is also a gas gussler.

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