Nearly 600 Crashes a Week Occur in San Diego

Source: Progresive
More than 30,000 crashes will happen in San Diego County this year - that’s more than 80 crashes a day and nearly 600 a week. If you’ve ever had a crash, you know that if you’re lucky enough to emerge from the vehicle uninjured, your troubles are far from over. While an accident takes only seconds to occur, overseeing the entire claims repair process can take days. Now, with the opening of its first Service Center in California, Progressive Claims Service offers San Diego drivers the choice of using a time-saving accident claims/repair process that takes only minutes of their time.
In general, many drivers who have been involved in accidents and have had their cars repaired afterward estimate they spent at least four days of their time arranging for alternate transportation, getting repair estimates, finding a shop, getting updates, inspecting the repairs, etc. But now, thanks to Progressive’s new "concierge" level of claims service that oversees all elements of the vehicle repair on behalf of the driver, the time spent managing the claims repair process has been reduced to about 15 minutes. At the Service Center, Progressive works with a representative from the body shop where the repairs will be performed and oversees all elements of the vehicle repair process. A driver simply drops off the damaged vehicle and can leave in a rental car assured that a claims representative will handle the repair process from beginning to end and that the repairs will be guaranteed. And the service is not limited to just Progressive customers - it’s also available to anyone involved in a claim with a Progressive customer.
"Accidents do happen and when they do, no matter how minor, they are a major inconvenience for San Diego drivers who then have to spend a lot of time managing the vehicle repair process themselves," said Jose Benitez, claims general manager, Progressive. "By using a service that handles all aspects of the repair process for them, people can save time and spend it the way they want to."
The opening of the new Service Center at 4141 Ruffin Road marks the 28th Progressive Service Center in the U.S. and the first in California. 

The objective of the service is to create a more efficient and positive experience for everyone involved in a claim - customers, body shops and Progressive.
"The Service Center approach is simple and it works," said Benitez. "It shortens the amount of time customers have to spend dealing with claims from about four days to about 15 minutes and can also reduce the time it takes to get their car back after an accident."
How the Process Works

  • The customer calls Progressive to report the claim any time of the day or night and then schedules an appointment to bring the vehicle to the specially designed Service Center.
  • In about 15 minutes, the customer can be on their way in a rental car with assurance that Progressive will keep them informed of the status of their claim throughout the repair process.
  • A Progressive claims representative prepares a repair estimate and selects a pre-approved repair facility based on its track record of providing superior service and ability to begin work promptly. Within 24 hours of drop-off, a representative from Progressive and the repair facility will contact the customer, review the details of the repair estimate and obtain authorization from the customer for the shop to repair the car; the shop then transports the vehicle from the Service Center to its facility and the repair work begins.
  • When the work is finished, the vehicle is returned to the Service Center where representatives from both Progressive and the body shop inspect the quality of repairs.
  • Once satisfied with the repair quality, Progressive calls the customer and asks him or her to return to the Service Center where, together with the claims representative, the vehicle is inspected again to ensure the customer is satisfied.
  • The customer signs the final work order provided by the shop and leaveswith a written guarantee on the repairs that both Progressive and thebody shop stand behind as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

All Service Center people handle claims for Progressive Direct(SM) and Drive(R) Insurance from Progressive customers and complete specialized claims and customer satisfaction training at the company’s expanded claims training facility in Tampa, Fla.
Progressive employs more than 13,200 claims people in more than 460 offices countrywide. Although this concierge level of claims service is not yet available in all markets where Progressive operates claims offices, claims representatives there continue to personally handle each customer’s claim from start to finish. 

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