Need For Speed Shift: new images available

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The makers of Need For Speed are apparently appealing to fans of the hamburger logo with their most recent screenshots from their foray into a true racing simulator, Need For Speed SHIFT. Middleaged fans will notice the Hakosuka GT-R from the early 1970’s in the traditional red, white and blue Nissan livery. The 1969 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R, known as the original Godzilla.

Need For Speed Shift: new images available

For the younger generation of drifting enthusiasts is an S14 Silvia, Kouki to be exact, leading a pack of imports with it’s shark eyed headlights. No matter whether you are a Nissan aficionado or not these screen shots are enough to get you riled up over the new release.


With the 1969 Godzilla NFS Shift is definitely a game you won’t miss.

This NFS Shift new images are just what we need. I have NFS during high school days with PS1 and now it had gone a long way already with drifting. Cool.

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