New 2008 Malibu spotted - it's a hybrid

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There will be more than just an all-new Chevrolet Malibu for 2008.

There will be a hybrid version, as well. has posted the first photos – captured by an amateur photographer in a Detroit area neighborhood — of the Chevrolet Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid. The “Hybrid” emblem on the side is the give-away. The vehicle is expected to share the hybrid powertrain with the Saturn Aura hybrid. The Aura and the forthcoming Malibu share the body shell.

New 2008 Malibu spotted - it's a hybrid

Overall, the appearance of the car is reminiscent of the Saturn Aura, but seems less like a Passat or Audi than does the Saturn Saturn . The cars share the high beltline. But the Malibu has the now-familiar Chevrolet horizontally split grill at the front and a somewhat heavier appearing rear quarter.

Early reports about the interior appointments of the new Malibu have been extraordinarily positive. If GM keeps up the momentum recently reached with the Saturn Outlook, the Honda and Toyota vehicles, Chevrolet could have a real competitor. 

New 2008 Malibu spotted - it's a hybrid


All they need now is a decent diesel and all would be well...

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