New details on the next hotter Audi R8

It is not the first time we’ve heard about a more powerful Audi R8 sports car , but at the same time we have to remind you that Audi offered no rebuttal to this statement thus making it viable information buzzing about our hopeful ears. As previously reported the new R8 will be inspired by the current R8 LMS and will include more carbon fiber parts to reduce weight. Rumor has it, it will also be delivering more power, but, at the same time, an Audi insider said, "There will be no Balboni version of the R8." In just a few words, this means the new R8 will remain an all-wheel-drive model.

So, considering the 2011 Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera is the target for the new R8, we can expect to see 570 ponies bucking to deliver some speed out of the new Audi R8. Stay tuned!

Source: Straightline


LED head lights are starting to become popular in new cars today. And I think Audi should make a HB version of their R8.

If the previous Audi R8 is hot this new one will be Molten Hot.

Well that was a good news from audi. Making some of the components into carbon will sure lessen its weight plus adding up some more horses under the hood. Definitely will outrun the gallardo.

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