New Lotus Esprit is officially axed

Lotus Esprit

Lotus hasn’t exactly had the best run in the past few months, so it’s not surprising that the company is canceling its plans for all future models, including the one model that was thought to be the sole survivor of Bahar’s plans: the long-rumored new generation Esprit .

The new Esprit was previewed by its concept version back at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, while the company was still in the hands of the controversial Dany Bahar. Now that Bahar is gone, and DRB-Hicom is running the show, most of Bahar’s concepts have been given the heave-ho. All that is supposedly left now is the Elise , Exige , and Evora . These models were originally on the list of axed models, but have since received a reprieve. At least for now.

The Evora is the only relatively new model in Lotus’ line-up, having just been launched in 2008. The Elise and Exige have been on the market ever since 1995. This means that Lotus’ new plans to drop the Esprit will begin the company’s new era with an old lineup. Hopefully, they have plans in place to change that.

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in my opinion, guys who axe great projects should be axed.

fans of lotus will sure miss the announced 5 liter V8 engine. if offered only 550HP to start with, but i’m sure lots of companies would have been glad to so more with it. lotus also was promising a R version with 620 HP.

@brad: you do realize that the design was some part of the car. but the engineers also have done lots of things that shall not be used anymore.

the car was designed by Donato Coco, the same guy who was at ferrari when they launched the 458. now there’s some man’s work thrown to waste.

they were promising a rigid car and excellent handling. and we now they would have been capable of providing both of these.

the new esprit was looking good. now, it looks as good as a dream does. maybe one day it will come true.

maybe some miracle will happen and a bucket of gold will land at the lotus company, so they can revive their models.

having, in 2012, your newest car since 2008 and the other two since 1995 is quite...grim i could say. it’s quite sad.

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