New Mercedes SLK coming in April 2011

In a recent interview with Automotive news, Mercedes’ U.S. boss talked about the company’s future, and we have to admit, it looks promising. First he confirmed that the new generation SLK will be unveiled in 2011: "We will get a lot of new product in 2011, and it will be spread over the year. We’ll have a new SLK on the market in April and a new M class midyear. We still have fresh product — the E class won’t be too old."

Next, for those of you waiting for a diesel engine on the US market, we can confirm that the first to offer one will be the E-Class this September. It will be followed by C-Class and GLK. The next B-Class, on the other hand, will be offered with new four-cylinder engines (same as the 2013 C-Class).


I agree! a clay model would be a helpful to decide it it’s going to make it on the market.

Looks like a revamped version of MB Mclaren 772 but there is not doubt that it’s engine would be a hybrid one.

This sketch is really nice, and I must admit the am amazed eventhough it was not that completely perfectly done.

This is a worth to wait concept car. MB should already creating a clay model of it.

Lovely design! It’s very perfect in every angle. I bet this is a big success again if they put it one sale.

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