New production photos from Mad Max 4 gives us a tease of what vehicles to expect

The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is set to return to theaters for the first time since 1985 and while Mel Gibson will not be in the movie, the reins of Mad Max will be in good hands with Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road .

As a movie that’s set in a world unlike the one we live in, you can expect little semblance of normalcy and bountiful doses of unorthodox. One element about the franchise that has become a critical part in the story are the cars-of-choice. Surely, you’ll remember some of them, including the Mad Max Interceptor, the Yellow Pursuit, and the Night Rider. Well, the fourth installment of the franchise promises to offer heaps of automotive oddities.

A few production photos from the movie have already revealed some of the cars you’ll see in the movie and trust us, we had just as hard a time trying to describe them as you probably will. Nevertheless, our best descriptions include a porcupine-like heavy-load, construction vehicle, a classic vehicle with a larger chassis and suspension with what looks like guns where the driver’s side mirror used to be, and last but not least, some heavy metal Big Foots ready to trample everything on sight.

If these descriptions don’t paint a clear enough picture, you can check out the photos and see for yourself.


Vintage cars like this has the stronger chance to show the new looks of it.

We have to wait for this movie, I want to see Matt again on the big screen.

I knew that this vehicle will be transformed into a good one. I like it. smiley

Vehicles will be classical and the movie might as well?

So what’s the relation of the picture, and the Mad Max movie?

So this is the car that they are going to use? Oh come on. This needs to be further developed into a real modern super car.

I can’t be wrong Mel Gibson will be back on the action screen? Well, this will be worth wait for us.

Mad Max will be more exciting with some revival of the vintage and trashed vehicles.

With Mad Max, scrap becomes precious cars. They are designed for that purpose. I will not be surprised if they make a good one from garbage.

If this new movie revives this Mad Max, I’ll wait for that movie; it sounded great for me.

Mad Max is known for their innovative creations when it comes to making an excellent super cars from scarp.

Oh Mel Gibson will do an action movie this year? Wow, I can’t believe he’s still capable of filming another movie. I’ll be waiting in the cars that they are going to use.

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