New Shots Of The BMW M5

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Remember when the M5 was caught testing and some sly cat took a picture of its engine? Well, it’s been quite some time since then and we have yet to see any more photos of the M5 in the wild, but somebody decided to change all that by leaving the new M5 in a parking lot in what appears to be a rest area or a gas station.

We can see the new production wheels, the new shift knob, and the meaty looking Pirelli tires. There are new interior shots that show new seats and a tachometer with a reduced redline.

Under the hood is a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 that will put out around 555 horsepower. That will make this model far more powerful than the old model and not to mention, far better looking.

The chassis will likely be aluminum and there should be loads of carbon fiber parts. The new M5 will also get an electronically controlled limited slip differential and Dynamic Performance Control.

The official car will debut at the Paris Motor Show .

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Pretty impressive shots for the M5. Will definitely wait more for this one.

Hmm, I’m expecting a more bulkier type this time but I guess it won’t come true for BMWs

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