New VW GTI game

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The clever PR people over at Volkswagen have come up with another great way to hype up the soon to be sixth generation VW Golf GTI . The website,, takes you behind closed doors and into the realm of the automotive engineers that are responsible for this super bunny. After a short video demonstration highlighting the best features of the new GTI, it’s worth the wait; you get to pilot a Scalextric version of the VW around the miniature test track. Just for fun, floor it through a tight corner and watch what happens when you run off the track.

Source: GTI Project


I think almost everyone is into conquering the game console with the autmakers aggressive marketing, Ferraru have it, Porsche, Volvo and now Volks does. Is this a band wagon market?

Yes, I hope this clever strategy is really accessible coz the website does not appear to be existing.

If this is a PR work I hope the website works. So I check and evaluate how good in this promotion after all

This is interesting marketing strategy for the upcoming 6 gen GTI.

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