Next Audi TT May Close the Gap Between it and the R8

Audi TT

Audi currently offers two sports cars in its lineup: the TT and the R8 . To fill the gap between the two models the company was planning to unveil the R5 (also known as the R4), but that model has been dropped. New rumors suggest that the next TT will move upmarket to put it closer to R8.

During the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Audi chief designer Wolfgang Egger confirmed that the next TT will be "a sharper, far more angular vehicle" and will introduce Audi’s new design strategy. According to Wolfgang this new design strategy will include "more-angular lines and more-daring headlight styling." All of this new styling lends to the possibility of the TT moving upward in price and quality, thereby closing that Grand Canyon-like gap between it and the R8.

The next TT will be built on the company’s new MQB modular-transversal architecture and will be offered with a five-cylinder engine offered in several power levels, with the most powerful one being of course the TT RS, which will deliver up to 400 horsepower.

The next Audi TT is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2014.


If Wolfgang Egger is right, then I’m sure that a new chapter in the history of cars will be written by Audi..

That’s right, Audi was a king on its market, what happened to them?They have been corrupted by the power of the money?

Why bothering doing such a car?I find this pointless, really..

TT does not impress me, not at all.Audi used to be a great brand, what happened to it?

I will keep my fingers crossed for this new car!I’m curious about the final result

This is the first 2014 car to be released, that does not convince me ...bad

Yes, definitely Audi is turning the page, to a new, much clever projects for cars.That is a step forward!

What can I say..unfortunately, this time Audi does not impress me so much...

400 horsepower is something that tells a lot about this new one.Can’t wait to see a testdrive!

I can only think of a spiky Audi, which is quite a fantasy. Can’t wait to see these new jewels!

Can somebody let me know when a photo gallery of this car would show up?
Thank you very much

I heard that at Detroit Auto Show, they have discussed a little bit about this brand new car

Unfortunately, I don’t have much information on the R series. I cannot compare this TT with the others, but it seems to be good

New design and mire powerful engines.Looks like Audi wants to make a little change on the car market

This whole thing with the new design is much of a step forward.They might change a little bit the looks of their new cars

This is just curious, I’m wondering, how would an angular design upon and Audi car just look like?

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