Next Escalade will go Lambda?

As a sign of more-gas frugal times, even the Escalade , an SUV known for is uncompromising size and power may go on a diet. The next generation large SUV from Cadillac may move to the Lambda platform.

GM currently uses the platform to build the Chevrolet Traverse , Saturn Outlook , GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave , so a Cadillac on the same platform would make economical sense. The platform should be able to handle a larger car because GM had considered, but cancelled, a V-8-powered Enclave Super. Cadillac could use a V-8, in this case a small block, since the Northstar replacement that was supposed to power the Enclave Super also has been canceled.

GM also announced the company is considering a unibody pickup as hinted by the GMC Denali XT concept , to replace the EXT and Chevy Avalanche .

Source: Motor Trend

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