Next generation Audi Q7 Could use Carbon Fiber in its Construction

Audi Q7

The next-generation Audi Q7 has been caught testing many times, but details are still quite limited. However, the British magazine CAR has caught the car testing again, wearing almost no disguise. You shouldn’t be fooled by this mule because the new Q7 is hidden under the skin of the current model.

The most notable change can be seen at the rear where the SUV features a new exhaust system with two rather unattractive pipes – a sign that the next Q7 will be offered with a new range of engines with reduced CO2 emissions.

The next Audi Q7 will be developed on a stretched version of the MLB platform that will also be used for the next Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg . This new platform will help reduce the SUV’s total weight by about 350 kilos (770 pounds), but the platform won’t be the only one helping to achieve this reduced.

According to Audi R&D boss Wolfgang Dürheimer, the company could use a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum in an attempt to drop a few pounds. Carbon fiber will be used in the Q7’s body, but the problem is that the high price of this material can seriously increase the price of the SUV, so we’ll have to prepare for a price hike to go along with its new physique.

Source: CAR


I suppose that the consumption of this one is gonna be lower.

I think men will be more impressed about the new version cause all the improvements will not be seen.

I always loved Q7, but now I think I will love it more and more

I read this article and I was surprised. They didn’t use until now the carbon fiber? It’s hard to believe this.

350killos?! well that is something, is’t it?

so, the design will be the same? nothing new?!smiley

I support the ecological sistems. We really need them.

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