Next-generation Mercedes M-Class SUV caught testing

It sucks that this spy video of the new Mercedes-Benz M-Class caught the next-generation SUV in all its camouflaged glory – it would have been awesome to catch the tiniest glimpse of the new M-Class - but at this point, we’re just happy that we finally have video evidence of the car as opposed to all the spy photos we’ve seen in the past.

With a platform that is shared with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and the 2012 Dodge Durango , expect the new M-Class to come with something unique to separate itself from its competitors. Reports have surfaced that the Mercedes SUV will come with a revised engine line-up that is expected to come with a few variants, most notably a hybrid powertrain with plug-in capability.

Check out the video to see the new M-Class in the middle of cold, winter testing.

Source: YouTube


That’s the exact road that Mercedes-Benz is driving down. It is already a force in the luxury car segment. Now it’s after the same clout and volume when it comes to luxury-utility vehicles.

Mercedes needs to take existing platforms and go sideways into more creative body styles like tall wagons and crossover vehicles, utilizing a lot of the same powertrains that they already offer with their sedans and coupes

Well, I’m definitely excited about this new Mercedes M-class SUV. Consumers claims that it gained huge sales success in the United States and Mexico.

I’m pretty sure that this is the next generation M-Class based on it’s performance.

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