Next Infiniti M and G to share platform with Mercedes E-Class?

You heard a lot people talking about the recent alliance between Daimler and Renault-Nissan, but what will this bring to the Infiniti line-up? According to Japan’s Best Car magazine the Infiniti M andInfiniti G replacements (known as the Nissan Fuga and Skyline in Japan) will share a foundation with the Mercedes E-Class . This may be a little hard to believe, but it is not completely crazy. Look at Volkswagen and Porsche . That seemed to be an unlikely pairing as well and they have done it. The platform sharing between Mercedes Mercedes and Infiniti are just rumors for now, but we will keep chugging ahead until we get some sort of confirmation or refutability of this development.

What we do know about this alliance so far is that it will bring the development of a new rear-wheel drive platform for small cars and the sharing of diesel and petrol engines between the two groups. Also, a small Infiniti CUV based on the next generation of the Mercedes A-class is also a possibility.

Sounds to us like this could mark the start of a productive friendship. Especially if we get to see some high-speed Mercedes engines in cheaper Infiniti models.

Source: Carscoop


Well, I think they will be using the badge of the Infiniti since it will collaborate with
the Mercedes. And yeah, I have to agree that these two car doesn’t have a great engine.

With that collaboration, I just wonder who’s badge will be put in the car? BTW, I don’t think that this two car manufacturer has a great engine but when it comes to look I have to say that their car is quite gorgeous.

I feel as though I just woke up and there’s a German, French and Japanese fairy flying around

I can’t believe that Nissan and Mercedes Benz come up with this Idea.

I hope the infinity and mercedes benz would be a success.

Oh really? Nissan does tie up with the MB on M and G class? hmm i guess that’s just fine.

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