Next Jaguar X-Type rendered

Jaguar has already announced plans to unveila successor for the X-Type that will be unveiled in 2012 and will serve as a main competitor for the BMW 3-Series . Built to be placed under the current XF , the 2012 X-Type will feature a cutting-edge design, the same as seen on the XF and XJ , but with much smoother curves.

The car’s front will be distinguished by the XF’s rectangular mesh grille and swept-back headlights, while at the rear it will get boomerang tail-lamps and pronounced curves over the wheel arches. Rumors say that the next X-Type will be built on an all-new aluminum rear-wheel-drive platform, that will significantly improve fuel economy.

Under the hood Jaguar will place a pair of downsized four-cylinder engines – diesel and petrol turbo units. They will also be turning up a 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel and a hybrid version that will combine a V6 diesel with a 47 HP electric motor integrated into an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission.

Source: AutoExpress


I love this more than the previous Jaguars where the ensemble is ugly.

Looks interesting enough, could be a hit with the right engine, stats, and price; a miss if they fail in any of those categories.

I love this more than the previous Jaguars where the ensemble is ugly.

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