Next Lamborghini supercar spy shot

Lamborghini is currently working on the next generation supercar that will replace the current Murcielago. According to AutoCar the car will be lighter, wider and faster than its forebear.

The spy shot doesn’t show much because the new car’s components are disguised in a Murcielago body. Under the skin, the car is expected to feature an aluminum chassis to reduce weight, a 6.0-liter V12 engine making around 700bhp and all-wheel drive. Carbon fiber will be used extensively to help keep weight as low as possible while the rood and doors are likely to be made from aluminum. The final design should take cues from the €1million Reventon .

The new car is rumored to be called the Jota. While it’s connection to bulls could not be found yet (Lamborghini’s car names have connections to bulls,) the name Jota was used on a very small run of Miuras that received race-inspired upgrading in the early 70s.

Source: AutoCar


i think they should just keep the murcielago!!!!! i love it more then anything im gonna hate to see it go!!!!!

Argh it’s gonna be hard to make the old Countach look much better smiley

I hope this time they will dare to try some brand new design for their supercar. Remember the Enzo, that was a bold move from Ferrari and it paid off. Now, that’s what we need from Lamborghini.

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