Next Porsche Boxster will be longer

Everyone knows by now that Porsche is preparing the next generation for every model in their line-up . And the Porsche Boxster is no exception to that. Not only will the sports car receive a redesign, but it will also sit on a longer platform, around 173 inches (4394.2mm) longer overall.

The reason for the lengthening is really quite simple. Porsche currently working on a "Baby Boxster" that will be a two seat model based on the Volkswagen BlueSport concept shown at the Detroit auto show in 2009. This baby will need to sit on the bottom of the Porsche lineup, so the bigger Boxster will indeed need to become bigger, or longer in this case. We have to remind you that Volkswagen needs both Porsche and Audi to sell versions of the BlueSport to make the project financially viable.

The next generation Boxster will also be lighter than the old model, which would then equate to better handling and a more fuel-efficient engine. There are also rumors saying the next Boxster will get a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the hood.

Expect the new Porsche Boxster to be unveiled at the end of 2011.

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