NHRA Top Fuel dragster fuel pump demo

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Check out this awesome video of a Top Fuel dragster fuel pump at the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, CA. This super-cool setup is a Waterman Super Bertha fuel pump connected to an injector in a mock cylinder to show just how much nitro methane is pumped into an NHRA Top Fuel dragster engine. The Super Bertha is capable of pumping 8 gallons per minute to each of the eight cylinders. That’s 64 gallons per minute flowing into the 500 c.i. aluminum engine at full throttle.

A Top Fuel dragster makes around 8,000 horsepower. These 25 feet long rockets regularly catapult from 0-320 mph in around 3.8 seconds. That equates to 5 G’s of force on the driver at the starting line, and then 5 negative G’s on the driver when the parachute is deployed at the 1000 ft. mark. Around 6.5 gallons of nitro methane is burned in a full pass. The tires on these monsters have to be changed after every two passes and the engine is rebuilt after every single run.

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That sighting is very rare, so I expect the long queue just to see that fuel pump.

This was quite unnecessary, but the actual vision of it is impressive too.

They should have put an automotive in the action side-by-side with that dragster fuel pump so it won’t be hard to imagine what it’s like when the car functions.

It’s not the first fuel pump I’ve ever seen, so I was not really impressed. I actually prefer a different type of engine better.

Seeing it actually makes me realize its importance to cars.

I appreciate the display of its process; thanks. I think it’s an awesome sight. We tend to overlook what we can’t clearly see, but we know now how supercars’ amazing engines actually work.

Even the fuel pump is amusing to watch, LOL. It’s a very entertaining video indeed.

The demo itself is precisely hypnotizing. When a car runs, you’d think this is a simple through and through process, but come to think of it that’s why enthusiasts get overzealous about every single part because amazing processes like this are unnoticed.

Thanks for putting up this demo. Seeing this with my own eyes greatly amuse and impress me. Usually, I only care about the car’s actual performance but now this will burn in my mind, and I’ll keep re-visualizing it every time I see an awesome car perform.

Wow, that was an amazing demonstration, now I know how it works. You can actually see the pressure of the fuel, at the moment, imagine how it’s like when it boosts 320mph in just 3.8 seconds!

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