NHTSA Blocks U.S. Sales Of Pagani Huayra

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Last Monday, we brought you news that the first U.S. bound Pagani Huayra had been delivered to a customer in the United States. Now it seems like Pagani may have jumped the gun in selling cars on U.S. soil, thanks to a requirement that automakers implement advanced airbags beginning with the 2000 model year. In the past, low volume manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Tesla had been granted an exception to the regulation, which lead Pagani to believe they’d be granted the very same exemption. It was a logical assumption, since Pagani’s production is far less than Lamborghini’s, and Pagani lacks the technical support of Lamborghini’s parent, Volkswagen/Audi.

Pagani learned the hard way what happens when you assume. Ignoring Pagani’s low-volume manufacturer status and limited technical resources, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has denied the automaker’s request, which gives Pagani only two choices: either develop the required airbag system for the Huayra before deliveries can begin, or forgo the U.S. market entirely as they did with their Zonda supercar. Pagani estimates that designing an airbag system to meet NHTSA requirements will cost them some about $5.7 million, which surely means that the price of U.S. spec Huayras will be raised to cover development. That doesn’t bode well for buyers who’ve already put money down on Pagani’s latest, since the best they can hope for is a higher purchase price. The alternative, sadly, is that the U.S. again loses out on the opportunity to experience one of the world’s premier supercars.

Source: Bloomberg


He might be too fortunate for a record like that if the case doesn’t get solved.

What?! It’s so fortunate of that one buyer then! He or she might be the only one to own it in the US, if ever the case doesn’t get solved.

I don’t find any reason for blocking this super car in the USA market. This would the best sales in USA if ever.

Well, I have to say that I’m quite impress with the speed performance of this car as well as its styling! I bet even American wants to experience the awesomeness of the ca but too bad that the NHTSA has already block the vehicle.

I wonder on why they have block the car..is it because of its speed performance? It seems that the US has been so concern about safety lately

I wonder why National High Way Traffic Safety Administration denied Pagani. In my opinion, it is the loss of US market because they will not be able to taste having a Pagani exotic and super cars in their land. Well, if Pagani will accept the offer of NHTSA, that will cost a lot.

Just like any sportscar, Americans will be the last one to experience this vehicle. haha Well, I want to congratulate the Pagani for passing the strict regulation of US market.

Wow! Finally the Americans can experienced this vehicle already. I would say that this car is quite an awesome vehicle for its speed performance and aggressive styling.

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