Nissan 370Z to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show

Nissan will unveil at the Paris Motor Show this autumn the revised Nissan 350Z. Instead of a regular 3.5 liter engine, the new model will be powered by the same 3.7 engine that is being used in the Infiniti G37. The new engine means a new name for the future sports car: 370Z.

Even if there is no info about how the power will increase, we are sure that there will be a big difference between the current 350Z and the future 370Z. The history tells it: starting with 130 hp for the first generation, up to 145 hp, 160hp, 222hp and 306 for the current 350Z.

Source: WindingRoad

The 370Z will have improved performances compared to the current 350Z, but Nissan will try to keep the price under the $30k range.


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