Nissan cancels new 200SX; GT-R sedan in limbo

Nissan working on GT-R SUV and sedan?

Nissan had plans to bring back the RWD Silvia (200SX in the U.S.) sports car for a while, but now it looks like those can now be filed in the trash can. Nissan is expecting a $2.8 billion loss in 2008, and that means belt tightening. According to CEO Carlos Ghosn, all the company’s development efforts are concentrate on small and medium-sized cars. This would usually mean that the somewhat small 200SX replacement would be safe, but the company is focusing on the all-electric Prius rival instead.

Another program that’s only on life support is that plans for a sedan based on the Nissan GT-R . Although the program is not dead, the AutoCar report suggests the car is on hold with no re-start date. If the sedan has been idled, this has no doubt also halted the development of a GT-R SUV as well.

Source: AutoCar

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