Nissan GT-R at the 2009 South Florida International Auto Show

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The Japanese automaker Nissan was on hand at the 2009 Miami Auto Show, and although they unveiled the new Rogue Krom crossover, it was a pearl white Nissan GT-R that caught our eyes as the centerpiece of their booth. Although this particular GT-R is nothing more than your run of the mill $80,000 super car killer, the hamburger logo did announce some new specs for the 2011 model that includes the highly anticipated Spec V model that takes Godzilla’s on track antics to new heights, and an even quicker lap time around the Nurburgring .


Me too. With all this LF-A buzz, I’m hoping the V Spec can boos its lap time. Its pretty funny that most cars need at least a V8 or V10 to beat the GTR. Proves why the guys at Nissan are magicians. Keep it up.

Hope the V Spec gets more power.

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