Nissan GT-R MCR vs. Mazda RX7 RE-Amemiya

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Nissan GT-R MCR vs. Mazda RX7 RE-Amemiya. Who will be the winner? Will be the 500 hp Nissan featuring an ARC exhaust system and 1740 kg or the 420 hp Mazda RX7 with its 1230 kg? Watch the video!


yes RX7 will surely win this battle because it can accelerate faster than the GT-R plus, the weight of the Rx-7 and it’s wheel base and handling are uncomparable to GT-R, rx-7 will alwayz have the advantage specially in tight corners.

Wow...I definitely under-estimated re amemiya’s ability to build a racecar. I thought the GTR would blast it...but, in those low-speed, tight turns, the lighter FD definitely has an edge. The FD accelerates out of the turns better than the GTR. That said, the GTR is SO much more composed and less dramatic. Hard to say which car is "better," but in touge, the re amemiya FD3S wins for sure.

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