Nissan GT-R Stage 2 By Jotech Motorsports

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For those who think the 942-horsepower Nissan GT-R Stage 5 by Jotech is a bit too much to handle, the tuner has just finished a project on a GT-R sporting a more restrained Stage 2 kit.

The Stage 2 kit is for owners who want to have some fun tearing the streets while not being as crazy and impractical to drive as its Stage 5 sibling, though we wouldn’t exactly call it "civilized.” With the Stage 2 kit bringing 735-horsepower to the table, it still packs a mean punch and shames its European rivals horribly.

The Jotech GT-R is able to pump such power thanks to a more open and efficient breathing system. The custom exhaust and intake system includes GReddy stainless-steel resonated mid-pipe, stainless-steel downpipes, GReddy 94 mm titanium exhaust, and 3-inch aluminum air intakes with attached K&N air filters.

The engine management system also gets a shakeup with the map-switching capabilities of the Cob AccessPort and a custom Jotech Dyno/Street Tune by Kenny Tran. Finally, the fuel management system receives upgraded fuel injectors, HKS twin fuel pumps and HKS Iridium spark plugs.

Don’t expect any exterior modifications, as this kit has none, but the GT-R’s stock look is good enough for us. Actually, it’s more fun when onlookers don’t know that a beast is lurking under the simple exterior.

For people looking to extract an extra 205 horses out of that twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6 engine, you’ll have to shell out $10,250, which we think is well worth the money if you’re looking to burn your next-door neighbor’s Lamborghini or Ferrari.


yes, to challenge someone to a race and he does not know what awaits himsmiley

funny indeed and soooo true

it’s more fun when onlookers don’t know that a beast is lurking under the simple exterior....funny!

i’m not very impressed but i think it is a good step for Nissan

me likes this car, a lot!

whp on front?! hmmmm

Cool car, but a tuned GTR isn’t what I would call news...

This is nice. Simple and still functional.

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