Nissan Juke R hits the Dubai desert; limited production announced

The Nissan Juke-R has become kind of like a cult vehicle that people have been dying to see go to production. Well, to all you expecting folks out there, your prayers are about to be answered as Nissan acquiesced to the clamoring.

The Japanese automaker will be building the Juke-R in a build-to-order basis. And that’s not the end of the good news either.

According to Nissan, the production version of the Juke-R will carry the 2013 Nissan GT-R’ s twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine, one that carries an impressive output of 542 horsepower and 466 lb/ft of torque. That’s a significant output increase from the 485-horsepower Juke-R Concept!

Talking about Nissan’s decision to give the production green light for the Juke-R, Nissan’s marketing product manager for the Juke, Gareth Dunsmore, said: "The Juke-R was originally intended as a one-off concept to marry two of Nissan’s most innovative models. But the reaction we had to the car in Dubai was amazing – people were making offers for the original on the street!"

We know that a lot of people are jumping at the chance to be one of the owners of the Juke-R. So to give you a small taste of what you’re going to be in store for, check out a video of the vehicle, called "Desert Nemesis" after the jump. Join GT Academy winner Lucas Ordóñez as he takes the Juke-R to the streets of Dubai to take on some of the fastest and most powerful supercars on the planet!

Hit the jump to watch the car in the Dubai desert.

Source: Nissan


I’d be disappointed if Dubai can’t even reach the consumption limit.

High-Rise buildings and super cool cars complete Dubai as a dream city.

See, everyone’s jealous with the Dubai desert for having this.

Whoa! Why it’s only in limited production? Is this for Dubai, U.A.E at most?

I envy Dubai for having this; I wish it could be also imported here.

Dubai seems the luckiest city to have this kind of event.

It’s totally stylish for a desert car.

I was thoroughly shocked that it has a limitless power despite that compact figure.

To be honest, I see this as more of a classically cute car with highly impressive styling more than a muscular and tough performing car. I’ve been thoroughly proven wrong once I’ve seen the amount of ponies it can exert.

I cant get over how ugly this thing is. It packs some nice specs and performance numbers but its really ugly .

Its rivals have no say to it. I stick with Juke R because of its design and performance capability.

It’s too cute to belong to the desert! I hope they consider re-launching it in the future!

Is it intended for a desert use? Even so, I disagree with its limited production.

It is limited because it’s not all the time that you use this kind of car in a desert. Actually, it’s efficient on any kind of surface.

It looks rugged, but still good. It’s perfect for the driest places on earth like the deserts.

Why must it be limited? It has this powerful appeal, so I don’t think that its sales will flop! I hope Nissan gets convinced.

I’m inexplicably attracted to its exterior; I think its fascia is messy, but I like it anyway.

I honestly like it wholly. I don’t know yet its interior, but I’m expecting it to be as alluring as its exterior. It’s not only the design that has captivated me; it has a perfect tiny built. Aside from that, I find its high power astonishing too. Undoubtedly, this will look excellent on the run.

Does it have four headlamps? Whoa, its horsepower is beyond 500HP! It isn’t obvious that it is so dynamic, to be honest. What I can say about its exterior is that it has a nice paint job, and although the features are sort of looking scattered to me, it’s still stylish.

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