Nissan Juke selling like hotcakes in Japan

Don’t look now, but a certain Nissan crossover is jukin’ and jivin’ it’s way to the top of the sales charts over in Japan. If you didn’t get our little play of words there, let’s do it in simpler terms.

The Nissan Juke - see! - has been such a hit in the Land of the Rising Sun that it’s been selling faster than a box set of discounted anime novels. According to Nissan, the little Juke that could has surpassed the company’s estimated orders in its first month by a whopping 300%. In just a week’s time since it was launched back in June 6, Nissan has already sold 1,300 units of the Juke and according to reports, orders for the Juke through Tuesday has already reached 5,296 units.

The Juke’s stronger-than-expected showing in its home country could be a sign of things to come for the quirky crossover as it is expected to set sail for Europe and North America in the coming months. When that happens, consumers should expect the crossover to be priced under $20,000. Whether or not it’s positive run in Japan translates to a positive reception in other parts of the world is still anybody’s guess, but if we were Nissan, we would take whatever good news came our way and the Juke’s strong showing in Japan is enough for us to open a bottle of sake and sing the night away in a local karaoke pub.

Source: Nikkei


No one has realized that this is the world`s worst looking car ever thought of.

well japanese like a car that has some Japanese cultures on it.. that’s why this suv is sells well on japan.

Nice car, really like that concept. Also, its unbelievable, because according to the country’s Nikkei business daily, the funky compact crossover has sold well over expectations, moving 1,300 units in its first week.

for sure nissan has made the juke specially for the japanese..

hehe well that’s how they like the japanese culture car.

Well, a starting price of well under $20,000 couldn’t hurt, either. Besides this Nissan Juke may be a bit awkward-looking for our tastes and I might expect also a big sales in Europe.

I think there are far more visually impaired people driving nowadays than we truly know. People did purchase the Nissan Qube, afterall.

its front is strange to be drivin in the middle east for example. but normal for Far East.

Well, I guess the jukes performance and looks did captivate the heart of the japanese auto industry.

Congrats Nissan. I had a feeling it would be a hit in Japan. Let’s see how it does in Europe and North America now.

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