Nissan Murano Convertible will arrive in 2010

The Japanese automaker Nissan is preparing a limited edition of their Murano SUV. The special edition convertible will be a four-door drop top set to arrive at dealerships before next summer.

The convertible Murano will feature a traditional soft top in order to keep both the weight and cost down. The SUV will keep the current 3.5 Liter V6 making 265 HP, and will change gears thanks to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). When it hits the market, the rag top Murano will be offered with both front and all-wheel drive layouts.

However; the question remains, what motivated Nissan to do this?

Source: Inside Line


Lovely convertible suv, i can’t believe that nissan will also produce their Convertible SUV.

Actually the jeep wrangler has had this feature since it was introduced it also comes standard so I do not find this a an innovation

I never see a convertiable SUV.
But whateve I think it is a new innovation.
So I expect to see the new Nissan Murano .

Don’t expect the 2011 Murano convertible to come cheap. A top-of-the-line 2009 Murano LE with all-wheel drive and an optional navigation system is priced at $39,080 including delivery charges, and the new convertible model will likely sit at the top of the lineup.

If I am a proud owner of an SUV, I don’t think that I would love to see a soft top car like this.

Certainly. What motivated Nisaan to do this? Maybe a new market concept to tap like some SUV owners are dreaming of low-cost SUV with sports car features such as convertible top.

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