Nissan's 370Z pokes fun at the Audi TT and Porsche Cayman

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After hitting Porsche below the belt a few days ago with their controversial advertising stunt, Nissan decided that they weren’t quite finished expressing themselves. Their most recent scathing attack was aimed at their more stable competition, the Audi TT .

With cut throat competition in the sports coupe segment, Nissan has embarked on a serious marketing strategy of winning new European converts. This goal was evident in London, where the Japanese company took an Audi TTS bearing the slogan "More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z " around the streets of London.
Adding salt to the wound, the branded Audi TT was trailed by another branded Porsche Cayman with the words "I dream of being as fast as a Nissan 370Z". Talk about being aggressive!

With Nissan’s changing fortunes, the company has been churning award winning vehicles, challenging even the top tier. The company has launched a series of media campaigns highlighting the fact that both sports cars are better in terms of performance yet cost less than their equivalent European rivals. According to Nissan’s marketing director, these campaigns are targeted to alter the perception that only German sports cars are the benchmarks for measuring performance and quality.

With all this rooftop declaration, we are sure you would be interested in the performance of the 370Z in relation to the German trio, so we have included a picture that displays these specs, courtesy of Nissan. Enjoy!


Well, I think the performance of the 370z seems better that the Cayman! Btw, I hate in hearing a news like this for it makes me feel sad about the fighting company.

The competition between Porsche and Nissan is quite more interesting compare to MINI and Porsche! Heck! I feel sorry for the Cooper for losing against the 911!

I’d be happy to see more of either on the roads. Bring over some Alfa, Peugeot, and any other cars that may compete in this class, too. I’m hopeful to see some cars that are potentially more affordable.

what ever you say smiley

Haha, it’s ok for Nissan 370Z to brag about what it can do because it’s far better than those cars.

i agree. annoying like a jealous mosquito.

Is this how professional should behave? I don’t think that anyone should insult anyone’s work. It’s annoying.

Who will buy this ugly looking car?

The only thing you buy in a German car is the brand name. With the 370Z, you get the performance, which is a main factor you want to buy a sports car.

I’d laugh if the convoy went past a 370z that broke down

Ok this is pathetic from the side of nissan! They got their top spec Z and compared it against the entry spec rivals from porche and bmw. A cayman will spank that Z any day of the week around a race track and on the street. Also the audi with its quattro system is faster in the real world than that Z with magazine tests showing way faster times for it and others, and the Z cant even begin to compare with the quality and craftsmanship of the porche and audi. So if you want a good car then like everything else in this world it is going to cost you money for that quality product and when the nissan is worse as a car then ofcourse it costs less!

couldnt agree more with you,this is pushing rivalry to the limit

that is what almost all advertisements do to make others think their better and sometimes they really aren’t. and by aren’t i mean like using a bugatti and saying that an electric scooter is faster. i don’t know which car is faster. but this is agressive.

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